Skyrunning Serbia

The 30K Falcon’s way 09.09.2017. 08:00 09.09.2017. 16:00 30 km 2270 m 1660 m More...

Finished :: 168 registered, 168 numbered,

Registered Competitors :: The 30K Falcon’s way

Event - Public Race Registered Competitors Results

Registration Until: 18.08.2017. 16:00

Start: 09.09.2017. 08:00

Number of registered competitors: 168
Number of numbered competitors: 168
Race registration have been closed.

Start NumberLast NameFirst NameSexStatus
340Aca JovanKrstićMale FIN finished
217AgnesGiric-CvetkovićFemale FIN finished
249AleksandarJovanovicMale FIN finished
349AleksandarKirkovskiMale FIN finished
223AleksandarLazarevićMale FIN finished
257AleksandarMarkovićMale FIN finished
363AleksandarPetrovićMale FIN finished
219AleksandarStojanovicMale FIN finished
214AleksandarŠtajferMale FIN finished
350AleksandarVukmirovićMale FIN finished
347AnaStanicFemale DNS did not start
310AndrijaNovakovićMale FIN finished
226BojanBožićMale FIN finished
357BojanJocicMale FIN finished
252BojanKosticMale FIN finished
286BojanMarkovicMale FIN finished
292BorislavBogosavacMale FIN finished
244BozidarNikolicMale DNS did not start
358BrankoJocicMale FIN finished
274ČedomirIvićMale FIN finished
203ČolovićSuzanaFemale DNS did not start
208DamirLjubojevicMale FIN finished
285DanijelLoncarevicMale FIN finished
241DeanaZivadinovicFemale FIN finished
259DejanKokanovićMale FIN finished