SLO Trail

25 KM 23.09.2017. 09:00 23.09.2017. 15:00 25 km 1038 m 1038 m More...

Finished :: 32 registered, 29 paid, 29 numbered,

Sign-up sheet for competitors :: 25 KM

Event - Public Race Registered Competitors Results
Number of registered competitors: 32
Number of paid fees: 29
Registration Until: 19.09.2017. 23:59
Start: 23.09.2017. 09:00

Race registration have been closed.
Registered Competitors


Each competitor is competing exclusively at their own responsibility, whereby they are obliged to take into account the inherent risk to trail running, including their own personal physical and mental abilities, considering the demands and the length of the trail

  1. Competitors must make sure they protect the natural surroundings. Any kind of littering or destruction of natural habitats is strictly prohibited. Waste will be able to be disposed of at all control points.
  2. The competition trail will be marked. Competitors should stick exclusively to the marked trail and report to the organisational team at each control point. Making short-cuts on the trail is not allowed.
  3. The race includes running on roads that feature public transport. Competitors should respect the traffic regulations on roads with public transport.
  4. Competitors need to run the trail on their own. Supply and an accompanying team is only allowed within the refreshment point areas. Any trailing along and supplying the ompetitors beyond the designated zones is prohibited.
  5. Competitors are not allowed to use any means of transport (bike, car…) Any physical assistance to competitors in the sense of moving along the trail is prohibited. Cheating is not allowed.
  6. Competitors must wear their starting numbers in a visible position throughout the race.
  7. Competitors may only change their gear or equipment at designated points.
  8. Before starting the race, competitors will have to display the mandatory gear. Competitors must carry this gear throughout the race and display all of the items listed below upon request of the organising team. The list of mandatory items includes the following:
  • Water carries or flasks with a min. 1l of water,
  • A cup to drink from,
  • First aid kit,
  • Astro foil,
  • GSM phone that has emergency numbers available,
  • Personal document,

The mandatory gear is the minimum required equipment. We recommend that competitors take their tried and tested gear that will protect them from weather and other impacts on the trail. Use of walking canes is advisable, but is not mandatory.

By applying to enter the race and paying the registration fee competitors confirm that they are aware of and understand all rules of the competition and agree therewith, and undertake to comply with the rules and to take part at their own responsibility.

Any type of failure to comply with the rules will mean disqualification for the respective participant.